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2017 Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB)
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP)
Grantee Conference

Strategies for Success: A Holistic Approach to Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

June 27-29, 2017
St. Louis, Missouri

About the Conference

The purpose of the 2017 Family and Youth Services Bureau's (FYSB) Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Grantee Conference, "Strategies for Success: A Holistic Approach to Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention", is to provide on-site training, technical assistance, and networking for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) grantees. It is expected that close to 400 representatives from over 160 grantee organizations will attend the 2017 conference. The conference will include keynote speakers, workshops, grantee poster presentations, roundtable sessions, exhibitors, and grantee networking opportunities.

This year's conference, scheduled for June 27-29, 2017, at the Hyatt Regency at The Arch Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, is designed specifically for APP grantees to network, connect, and learn new strategies to improve their adolescent pregnancy prevention programs and outcomes.

By the end of this conference, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify two innovative strategies to improve adolescent pregnancy prevention outcomes.
  2. Obtain new resources and skills to effectively meet the needs of specific youth populations.
  3. Connect with other adolescent pregnancy prevention grantees to network and share resources, lessons learned, and best practices.
  4. Identify new tools, resources, and connections for project management, marketing and communication, evaluation, and sustainability.
  5. Describe new ways to ensure youth involvement in program/organizational development, implementation, and/or evaluation.

The conference is organized around the following tracks:

Track 1: Vulnerable Youth (i.e., specific youth populations, parents, etc.)

Applicable to any staff role, sessions in this track will identify best practices and positive approaches for creating a welcoming environment, as well as materials that are inclusive of populations from various cultures, settings, and orientations. Possible topic areas include:

Track 2: Program Implementation

Aimed at project directors, front line staff, facilitators, and partners, sessions in this track will cover techniques and approaches that support effective programming and implementation. Possible topic areas include:

Track 3: Sustainability, Organizational Capacity, and Management

Aimed at project directors and coordinators, sessions in this track will expand grantees' capacity to effectively run a large-scale project and to build strong partnerships that will support program implementation and sustainability. Possible topic areas include:

Track 4: Evaluation

Geared toward evaluators and project directors, sessions in this track will focus on effective evaluation, updates on performance measures, creative approaches for showcasing findings, using data to tell your program's story, and grantee specific evaluation activities. Possible topic areas include:

Track 5: Innovative Approaches

Sessions in this track are appropriate for all staff roles and will explore current innovative practices in programs, social norming, social media and other communication strategies.


For registration questions, please contact PREPTA@rti.org